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One of the oldest ways to produce the most competitive fair market value for any given product at any given time for both the seller and buyer.

Auctioneering has been a tradition in my family for more than 20 years. After graduating from Lee University ( with a B.A. in Business, I realized that I was destined to continue the tradition and become an auctioneer. Working with Detroit Auto Auction for the past 20 years as Sales Manager/Chief Auctioneer, I have personally sold an average of 25,000 automobiles a year and assisted in selling more than $10 billion dollars worth of automobiles in the last 20 years.

Auctioneering has become my profession and now I want to help you get started on your future as a professional auctioneer.

Most home study courses cost $99.00 and tend to be lengthy and over done.  I believe that you will find this course to be both affordable and to-the-point. In less than 30 minutes, "The Basics of Auctioneering" will teach you the auctioneer's chant, breathing techniques and drills that will help build and refine your auctioneering skills as you grow in this profession.

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"Such a great deal for such a rewarding future as an auctioneer."

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Dan Stone School of Auctioneering

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